Some of America's leading addiction treatment programs are embracing the ethical marketing movement and signing the ATMO Pledge.


Addiction Treatment Marketing Organization (ATMO) Code of Conduct

The undersigned organization recognizes that a proliferation of practices that do not conform to the high ethical standards addiction treatment and recovery professionals maintain have made commonplace behavior that no longer puts patients and families first. While our rapidly evolving field has learned more about effective treatment in recent years, its marketing of these new therapies and services falls outside of what would have been deemed acceptable operating procedure only a few short years ago. We recognize that ours is not just a business, but the delivery of healthcare, and that this care is often being provided to dying patients who are extremely vulnerable, who deserve to be treated with respect, and who deserve not to be exploited. In order to maintain what is left of our integrity and to restore what has been lost, the undersigned organization pledges to operate in a way that honors the helping profession in which we serve. We agree to hold our marketing to a high ethical standard and to abide by the following guidelines:

  • We will remain transparent and honest in our interaction with families, patients and the professional community. We will not represent services outside of our abilities and will represent only what our program is capable of providing.

  • We will maintain a working knowledge of the Substance Use Disorder continuum of care and will refer patients into the continuum at the proper point no matter our program's scope of services.

  • We will consider the needs and well-being of the patient over our own financial benefit.

  • We will refer patients out as needed with no expectation of reciprocation.

  • We will not accept or pay fees to organizations or individuals for patient referrals.

  • We will honor our legal responsibilities including confidentiality requirements under HIPPA and 42 CFR Part 2.

  • We will assume responsibility for the tactics used by third party firms we employ.

  • We will not engage in intentionally misleading internet advertising either paid or organic and our social media campaign will be representative of the program.

  • We will not exploit our patients.



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